Karolina Tsirogianni

Karolina Tsirogianni is the person behind Stagespotting Photography based in Thessaloniki, Greece. She is a professional music photographer specializing in music concerts and band portraits. Starting her career as an interior designer, she quickly discovered that her passion for capturing the special moments of her favorite artists made her feel alive.

Since 2007, she has devoted herself to photo-shooting the top moments of many great musicians on and off stage. From small venues to big festivals, Karolina is working closely with many bands, promoters, and music press only to present the best out of every artist. Her work is unique, with attention to detail and often her photos show a different perspective as she regularly uses experimental angles that the fans always find exciting and refreshing.

It’s easy to see that Karolina is a photographer who works intimately with her subjects. Her carefree portraits freeze moments that connect the viewer with the subject. What most photographers would skip or walk away from, in regards to settings, Karolina draws on her understanding of composition and uses to its fullest.

Eleftherios Kostans

Karolina Tsirogianni loves to travel all over the world for capturing these moments, so if you are interested in booking her for a project please feel free to contact her at info@stagespotting.com.

Visit also karolinatsirogianni.gr to see more of her work.